Dec. 24 2021 The Fastest Wire Drawing Machine in Asia.


Intelligent Roller Cassette for Metallic Wire Drawing Production Lines.

Chairman of Gwo Lian Machinery - AHung Chen leads and designs the roller cassette.

Thanks to team effort, Gwo Lian has successfully exported the roller cassette to Switzerland and Europe in 2020.
No abrasion, damage, or breakage to the steel wire during drawing. No wire mess or snarl allowing for negligible production downtime.
  ➤  Production speed:  1200 M/MIN
  ➤  Monthly output:     1300 mt/month
                                         (Ø2.75mm / 3.36mt / 20hrs / 25days / 80% production efficiency)
  ➤  Suitable materials:  10B21, #1022, #1018

The roller cassette can effectively reduce the cracking rate of self-tapping and point-tail screws to 0.001%.
Contributes to a uniform spheroidized microstructure with no damage to the structural core.
Fine drawing results in 10% greater elasticity, greatly reducing the risk of cracking and poor pickling, respectively improving the phosphate treatment quality.


Shortening the Pickling Time and Reducing the Environmental Impact.

The first capstan block consists of a rotary type die holder whilst the second-to-last will consist of roller cassette with no lubricant powder, resulting in minimal residual grease, conducive to the spheroidization process and reducing the risks of decarbonization.
     ➤  Low acid consumption and shortened pickling time are beneficial to the amount of hydrochloric acid and waste acid used
          and produced in the pickling process!

     ➤  Lifespan of roller mold: roundness tolerance of 0.03mm/10000 tons with diameter enlargement of approx. 0.1mm!