Dec.24 2021 Gwo Lian Machinery – Intelligent Smart Production And Machinery Networking Industry 4.0!


The intelligent roller cassette wire drawing system, integrating with machine cloud networking, enables monitoring of all relevant production information in real-time through the cloud.
Including:  operating personnel, machine equipment, materials, production formula
                  and process method, output capacity, electricity consumption/ton,
                  CO2 output and other production data.
  ➤  For analysis of start-up and shutdown time: general shutdown and
       equipment abnormality analysis.
  ➤  Use of linear graphing data to analyze the production speed relative to the
        time and day.
  ➤  Real-time notification of service life of key parts, maintenance and repair,
        and replacement of parts!
△The smart production networking cloud system is developed by Gwo Lian IT Department of Electronic Control to help facilitated and streamline production processes and data – connecting to the cloud to remotely test and troubleshoot. This system provides real-time production data and report to accurately grasp production efficiency, equipment and operation status, and product schedule.