A. Mechanical System :
1. Gear Box: Gear of alloy steel material adopts the spiral spur-gear drive. After heat treatment, grinding and processed with German machine, the gear is suitable for long time operating with high load.
2. The effeciency of gear bite is about 95%. Torque is high. And the gear is suitable for long time operating with high load.
3. Automatic Hydraulic Clipper System: No need for operator to draw chain with hands to connect wire and drum, reducing the risk of happening engineering accident.This operation is high efficiency as the clipper equipped with hydraulic system can clip and loosen wire rod automatically and no danger while operating.
4. Take-UP Device: Relaxing Wire Tension System will limit the coil diameter within 1600 mm. And PE material has been setup for wire protection inside the wire connector device.
5. Wire Drum: Adopts watercooling device. After quenching and tempering treatment and Tungsten Carbide treatment, drum's hardness reaches to HRC68∘. Under normal use, drum's lifetime can reach to 5-8 years. 
6. Die Box is easy to operate and control by using hydraulic cylinder. Adopts water cooling system. 

B. Electronic Control System :
1. Motor adopts Germany Brand. Inverter imported from Japan with Feedback Torque Compension System produces high torque at low speed.
2. Control Cabinet with Dust Prevention & Digital Speedometer
3. Reactive System can protect inverter from damage while three-phase voltage is not stable.   
4. Auto-Stop unit for finishing drawing & trouble wire via brake system.