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  • 1968

    ․Chairman Mr. Qing Ji Chen & his wife set up Ji Sheng Ironworks Manufactory and dedicated themselves in marine machinery manufacturing and parts processing.

  • 1976

    ․Started manufacturing the related machines for electrical wire & cable industry, and producing wire drawing machine, Polymerization machine, copper smelting furnace, vacuum annealing furnace and extruder.

  • 1978

    ․Started manufacturing wire drawing machine for carbon steel wire rod, and the first version of vertical wire drawing machine was sold to Chuua Electrode & Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd. 

  • 1992

    ․Mr. Chen served as General Manager, and he started planning the blueprint for Gwo Lian’s development in the next 10 years, initially establishing frame of organization and promoting standardized project. Up to now, Mr. Chen has been leading Gwo Lian to become an international enterprise in th

  • 1993

    ․In 1993, it is our first time to export our machines to Malaysia, and that give us an opportunity to develop Southeast market further, and good for us to expand the international market further.

  • 2003

    ․Gwo Lian is the first factory getting approval available to station at the Environmental Science and Technology Park in Kaohsiung city, Taiwan.

  • 2005

    ․New plant was completed at the Environmental Science and Technology Park and proceeded pilot run. ․CE certified ․ISO-9001 certified

  • 2007

    ․New plant was set up in China and serving the whole China market only. ․Held a new product presentation and applied for a patent for the new design of wire drawing machine equipped with Roller Cassette. 

  • 2009

    ․Developed 3th version of HCD-800 model, and applied it for drawing the steel mesh wire ․Developed APO/ASV-45+TCD-1200W model, and applied it for drawing alloy steel cold heading wire  

  • 2010

    ․General Manager, Mr. Chen Zhihong, was awarded medals from Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association ․General Manager, Mr. Chen Zhihong, acept Singapore radio’s visit discussing about “The upcoming development between Taiwan & China based on ECFA”.

  • 2011

    ․Gwo Lian was awarded the 9th Golden Torch Award for Top 10 outstanding enterprise by OEMA. ․Gwo Lian was awarded Taiwan No. 1 Brand by TAITRA ․General manager, Mr. Chen Zhihong, was awarded 100MVP by MANAGER today

  • 2012

    ․Received ”Global Chinese Business of The Year Award”. ․Successfully developed the first version of Vertical Type Ribbed Wire Drawing Machine (High Speed Series) called VRO-800 applied in reinforced bar and steel mesh. ․Oil Cooling Circulation System o

  • 2013

    ․Successfully developed the 4th version of detachable drum ․Entertained children of orphanage sailing around Kaohsiung port and visited the exhibition of“ Yellow Duck”. ․Successfully developed SPOD-2000 model which is designed to change drum, cutting w

  • 2015

    ․Received “Elite of Small & Medium Enterprises Award” from D&B ․Held New product presentation-Automatic double ways pay-off machine + feeding and shaving machine+ horizontal drawing machine with 4-speed + automatic packing machine

  • 2016

    ․Held New product presentation in May-“New process to draw alloy steel wire rod without needing pre-treatment of two pickling processes & one annealing process”.

  • 2017

    ․Attended Fastener Expo Shanghai in June, 2017 ․Attended Wire & Tube Southeast Asia in Bangkok in Sept.,2017 ․Southern Taiwan EMBA Alumni Associations of Canada Royal Roads University hold a seminar called Cost Analysis of Business Administration.