Vertical Type Wire Drawing Machine(Ribbed Wire)
1. Simple Descaling Machine DS-S12:
2. Attached with two sets of Roller Feeders controlled by air pressure have straightening function and could  feed  wire rod to drawing machine.
3. Inline Lubricantion System in auto circulation device with mixer in the tank.
4. Roller Casselle Type A (VRO-800/640)
5. Drum(Model:Φ800mm / Φ640mm) : Adopts two layers' design; the first layer's function is for wire drawing with roller castelle,
    while the second layer's function is for straigthening wire rod with rollers device via "X" "Y" cross correction dircetion.
6. Surface harness of drum reaches to HRC40°± 2°, and it can reaches to HRC68° ± 2° after Tungsten Carbide spraying on surface and surface grinding.
7. Cooling System: Drum aopts the high efficient cooling system (spiral type). Rooler Cassette adopts indirect cooling system with oil circulation.
8. Equipment for Industrial Safety is CE certificated.
9. The Other Functions: Available for drawing  round wire/ribbed wire/hard wire, based on customer's choice to design the suitable machine available to install with two roller cassettes.