Automatic Wire Feeding & Shaving Machine For Wire Rod
1. Our creative operating time is just 10 minutes for wire feeding and shaving automatically comparing with 30 minutes adopting the traditional operation.   
2. From auto pay-off, vertical bending, straightening, wire shaving to feeding wire to entrance of drawing machine are all finished automatically by machine.
3. The equipment is suitable for bigger diamater wire.
Production Process :
1. Frequency converter connects drawing machine and this equipment, controlling and adjusting them to run smooth and consistent in speed.
2. Pressing Wire Head︰Adopts Hydraulic System 
Straightening︰Straightening Rollers of“X”“Y”Cross Direction, and straightening rollers are very durable due to hardness treatment.
3. Grinding Wheel Cutting Machine : Cut the wire rod when it is  not flat or disorder
4. Shaving Device : Four Blades adjusted simultaneously
Hydraulic System moving the Blades automatically backwards after the wire treatment