Handstand Type Take-up Equipment(Multi-Wire Collecting for Stainless Wire)(HSD)
Drum Material-
1. Surface hardness of drum after heat treatment reaches to HRC40°± 2° 。 And surface hardness of drum after Tungsten Carbide spraying and  mirror grinding treatment reaches to HRC68+/-2°.
2. The roundness of drum processed by CNC lathe reaches to  ± Φ0.02mm in tolerance. 
Die Box -
1. Die box can be adjusted up and down around and is with water cooling system.
2. Provide the unique dismantling tools designed by Gwo Lian suitable for shortening the time of replacing die box.
Control System-
1. Take-up turntable and drum have their own motor plus inverter individually for controling speed.
2. Computer & Take-up turntable are equipped with AC inverter system adjustable for adopting jog or porportional or continuous operation.
3. Digital Sppedometer installed on machine is easy for operater to monitor & control the machine.
   The machine will slow down its speed and stop running finally once reaching number of turns of wire.