Optical Image Measuring Instrument
1.  X/Y/Z route:250x150x200mm.
2.  Image:With High Resolution Color Vedio Camera Made in Japan
3.  Lens:4-Stage Single-Tube Microscope
4.  Zoom: 0.7-4.5X(about 28X-180X)
5.  Light source: Adjustable Source (Surface Light Source + Contour Light Source)
6.  Optical Ruler : The x-y axis shows resolved readings
7.  Pedestal:High-Precision Granite Platform.
8.  Drive Mode:Linear Slide
9.  Accuracy: 3+L/200 um.
10.  Repeat Accuracy: 0.002mm
11.  Full Size with Pedestal :  L800, W500, H1650mm
12.  Power Supply:110V~220V ±5% 60HZ. Approx. 80kgs