A. Drum & Cooling System :
1. Internal cooling design adopts high efficient circulation which waterway is spiral type, and the turbulent rotation dive the cooling circulation.   
2. Drum turns high- speed with the support of high efficient cooling system.
3. Once machine stop running, electro-valve will work automatically to cut off all water flow to prevent water from leaking.  

B. Wire Drum'S Material & Process :
1. Wire drum's surface hardness reaches to HRC26°± 2° after quenching and tempering treatment, and it can reach to  HRC68° ± 2° after  Tungsten Carbide treatment.polishing on drum's surface can prevent surface from scratch effectively.
2. Liftime: It is about 5-8 years depending on the situation of customer;s operation and maintenance.

C. Die Box︰
1. Power installation or Non-power installation is optional for rotary Die Pedestal. The rotary die boxes pedestal not only can offer a better effect of dry lubricants adhereing to wire rod, lengthen lifetime of die box but also can increase wire rod's roundness. 
2. The special design of rotary die box can prevent passage of die box from block with dry lubricants while drawing wire rod.
3. Direct water cooling system for rotary die box and the standard die box pedestal.
4. Provide the unique disassembled tools designed by Gwo Lian to shorten time to change die box without any trouble.
5. Die Box Adjustment︰Up and down, left and right.


D. Automatic & User-Friendly Design :
1. Human Machine Interface of touch panel, easy for operator without experience to operate, can  record and monitor the production situation.
2. 10 sets of formula about die box layout with function calculating reduction rate automatically, tip for wrong layout of die box and tip to enlarge die box or instruction for trouble -shooting.
3. Regular maintainence tips to reduce failure rate. Automatic tip for arrival of maintainence hours, and computer will record failure time and the related data Human-machine Interface for every speedometer, ammeter and voltmeter is good for operator to communicate with machine. Cost of electric power can be calculated, and that is good for analysis of management.
4. Simple instructions for trouble-shooting easily.

E. Human-Machine Interface Digital Control System & Industry 4.0 :
1. Electric control system provides a smooth accleration from zero to the pre-selected value.
2. Monitoring at office with MIS system by connecting the networks.
3. Remote connection through modem allows On-line trouble shooting by Gwo-Lian Engineers.

F. Braking System & High Speed Rresponding Electronic Control System :
1. Two types of braking systems, hydraulic brak from Taiwan and electrical brake from "Lenze" Germany.
2. Optional driver and server made by Germany or Japan.
3. The consitent and stable Wire's tension and speed adjusted via high speed calculation of system.   

G. Gear Box & Gear Box protection Device :
1. Gears are made by Gwo Lian, and its transmission adopts type of helical gear. Transmission efficiency rate is 95%.
2. Transmission of gear box adopts type of helical gear, and the gears are processed with Germany machine.Gears is suitable forlong time operating with high load. Long lifetime due to the surface of gears grinded based on grade 2 of JIS standard.
3. Gear box installed with oil level controller can prevent gear and bearing from damage caused by not maintaining oil seal in time.Gear box with cooling system to cool gear oil, and there is magnetic filter to make sure that lubricity of gear oil is good.
4. There will be a warning alarm and machine will stop running once gear box runs out of gear oil.